Monday, November 15, 2010

Public interior?

I spend quite a bit of time flipping through interior magazines at Borders (spot the gay). I often wondered how people's homes end up in these publications. Then, on Sunday, whilst chatting to the store manager of a favourite shop on Chapple St (who knows me well enough to know what kind of stuff I have in my apartment) referred me to a freelance writer/interior stylist who is now interested in featuring our apartment in a weekly column she writes for a magazine. I don't think the interior of my apartment looks quite like some of the houses featured in these sorts of things but let's see how it plays out.


Andrew said...

A friend's fairly modest St Kilda house was featured in an interiors magazine and it looked very much better in the photos. Good photographers can work magic.

Victor said...

If that's the case Andrew I want them to photograph my apartment, and place life size images around as substitutes for the real thing.

Ann O'Dyne said...

yes Andrew is right - they fake it a fair bit.
My friend's house was in Vogue and they took the best chair and the best rug and put them in a corner with flowers. did not photograph the newspapers and school bags and cat bowls etc.
I have house-sat two places that have been magazine features and the text told terrible lies while trying to make the owners sound 'interesting'. If they had told the truth about both, it would have been much more fascinating, ha ha.

Think carefully about what may be revealed in the background - framed family, school certificates or whatever.
A weekend magazine cover of a south yarra place, revealed to the world 2 distinctive persian carpets stolen years before from a famous Dame. the cops pounced.
I am a cynical study-er of glossy mag photos - it is all flowers and pillows and never a TV screen in sight. Good luck!

Adaptive Radiation said...

Thanks all for the insights. I must admit I had second thoughts when I saw how beautiful previously featured interiors were compared to mine. I'm happy for the stylist to shift things around if it means free interior decorating ideas.

I got an inkling some of these things were most probably contrived (it's amazing how often the same vase of flowers show up in different locations within the same glossy spread).

Let's see if the pictures I send them are good enough to interest them.