Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday Shopping

Met up with Nathan during his lunch break yesterday to do some shopping at the 'new' Myer store in Bourke Street. The upper floors are still a construction site but the $300 million make-over is starting to take shape and is looking really good. There are still some teething problems though. As I attempted to get to the 4th floor fitting room to try on a t-shirt, I was told by security staff that there was a water leak in that section of the building. A few minutes later, a quater of the floor was plunged into darkness.


Andrew said...

It wasn't my brother this time. He worked there on renovations about 15 years ago and set off the fire sprinkler system which flooded a couple of floors.

Adaptive Radiation said...

History repeating?

Victor said...

Architecture in Melbourne appears so interesting nowadays and centuries ahead of what we see in Sydney.