Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Book of Job

I've been sitting through academic performance hearings all week listening to the problems that can besige people's lives and affect their studies. I'm fortunate I never went through any serious calamities during my university studies. During the course of the week, there has been a few times when I've wanted to get out of my chair, walk around to a student and give them a hug and to tell them everything will be ok (I resisted though...I don't think it would've been appropriate).

Listening to the students' problems reminded me of a story in the bible I once had to read in Grade 8 as part of religious education (I went to a private catholic school). I don't remember much from the Bible but this story really stuck in my mind. It was from The Book of Job which tells the story of a pious character named Job whom Satan had thought was only pious because he had been blessed with good things from God. God believes otherwise and gave Satan permission to test Job's righteousness. That's when everything basically turns to shit for Job. Job's kids all die in an unfortunate building accident and Job, himself, is eventually covered in boils (the writers of the Old Testament sure like to inflict people with boils don't they). Nasty stuff.

But going back to the hearings this week...I really wonder about people's determination sometimes. It's interesting to see how easily some people can give in but others are just so determined to plough ahead. It's been a really draining week for me because some of the stories are so intense (I slept at 9pm last night) but it has been immensely rewarding too to get a sense of people's will.


Andrew said...

There are drama queens/queenesses and then people who keep a perspective and some in between. The cry for help maybe the loudest from the most dramatic, but they are not necessarily the ones who need comfort the most.

There just has to be connection between your post and the word verification, cheat.

Martin said...

Probably not. Mine was "fechoopo".

Cazzie!!! said...

Having gone through so many "life events" in relation to my family during my University years I am surprised to look back and wonder how the Hell I did it. Then, upon closer inspection... I realise that it was because I was so damned determined to be "the one" to make something of myself that I got through it. Also, being able to speak to my (then) boyfriend) helped too. Guess that's why we married, lol.
I have not read the book of Job.. but now I think I must.

You are a good person to listen to those students you know. Other people's life events can be unsettling, I know it, being a nurse and all. Andrew is right.. and also, added to Andrew's comment.. people sometimes just like an ear to talk into, not necessarily have words in return.

Victor said...

A good friend of mine of forty years standing who I always considered to be so confident and decisive has revealed herself to be surprisingly fragile in the past couple of years.

I'm not certain whether this was always so, just concealed, or a new development.

Adaptive Radiation said...

There were a few crocodile tears and a couple of people who thought they could charm their way out of their predicaments too. I don't take very kindly to those sorts.