Saturday, January 8, 2011

January blues

Ahh...the new year. First week back at work was rather forgettable. The corridors are near empty and students are yet to return for the new semester. The office fish tank seems to be in a state of upheaval with one of the residents deciding to go on a murderous rampage and killing some of the other fish in his aquarium (so much for being a vegetarian).

Work is pretty stressful at the moment. Too many high pressure deadlines looming. I have a book to write/edit and most of the contributors failed to meet their December deadlines. Sigh. I'm also putting in a research proposal for grant money from the Australian Research Council. The process of formulating a sexy (fundable) idea and putting it down on paper is doing my head in (not helped by the ever growing pressures from the University to bring in research income). Add to that two weeks of admin-related committee meetings and outreach programs and I reckon I'll be well and truly ready for another vacation by the end of the month ;-)

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