Sunday, February 6, 2011

The born again Christian

Went to a wedding last night. The bride was one of Nathan's relatives. The groom is a born again Christian. It's the groom's choice really and he did seem like a genuinely nice bloke. So kudos to him for turning his life around (whatever the means). However, it did make for a very interesting reception....

First up, I've never heard the word 'Lord' mentioned so many times in one sitting...ever (and I went to a catholic school).

Second, I've never heard someone declare that they will "love their wife as much as they love God", which I hope, for the wife's sake, is a God-damned lot.

Third, I never ever would've imagined hearing the words 'fornication', 'drug addict' and 'alcoholic' uttered in a groom's speech.... Luckily its all water under the bridge now but it was quite a candid admission in front of a room full of guests (most of whom were either squirming uncomfortably in their seats or giggling uncontrollably).

The best, however, was saved for last...the best man. He too was a born again Christian. A big, burly, bald-headed man. And 'yes', he was formerly addicted to drugs and sex. His speech was like an excerpt straight out of one of those Christian TV shows. Animated, God-praising kinda stuff. Delivered with a lot of hand gesturing, bravado and an American-accent. I think the bride was pissed. She got up after the speech and stormed outside with bridesmaids in tow.

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Victor said...

I think you need to keep close tabs on that relationship, looks like the couple may 'live in interesting times'.

On another point candid revelations about fornication would have enlivened many a wedding I have attended.