Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday outing

Nathan and I took advantage of the car we rented for the wedding yesterday to go out into the 'burbs' this morning for a stroll. We went to Gardenworld out in Keysborough.

There were lots of weird plants for sale including this orchid which has a most unusual flower.

Me checking out the carnivorous plants.

A beautiful english oak transformed into a bonsai.

A corella. Nathan managed to have a lengthy conversation with the bird.

We stopped into the South Melbourne markets on the way back into the city. Nathan had never been before and I wanted to introduce him to the famous dim sims. It tasted a bit like a sausage roll.

1 comment:

Ann O'Dyne said...

Glad to find that you survived Keysie - it has it's rough moments you know.
Avian toughies too - a corella with a few friends can destroy a house.