Friday, February 18, 2011

The dating game

My friend, Pt, visited me last week. Pt is a Latin American biologist whom I first met at a conference in Mexico in 2004. She recently started a new job in, of all places, Geelong. Pt is sassy and she is into salsa and she reckons Geelong is a shit hole.

Pt is also single and she wants to fall in love. Unfortunately, the whole dating scene in Geelong, according to Pt, is non-existent. She's tried to be proactive. One of the first things Pt did when she arrived in Geelong was sign up to a local chess club in the hopes of meeting a nice single man. Plenty of men at the chess club. Pity they were all over 60. She also tried coming to Melbourne for salsa but the commute was not ideal. In the end, she decided to give internet dating a go and signed up for RSVP.

Not surprisingly, being a sassy latina, Pt has been getting plenty of attention from the guys. Fresh meat. But the dates haven't been going so well. It's the same old story. She starts chatting to a guy. They hit it off and end up emailing and texting each other incessantly. And then...they meet and everything goes to shit.

The first guy she was 'seeing' sounded like a nightmare. They spoke on the phone every day for a whole month. They go on a first date. It goes well (although the guy was at least six years older and a whole lot less attractive than what his profile picture suggested). Still, Pt is not superficial. She decides to go with the flow so they go on a second date. They end up at her place, kiss a little, and just as things were starting to get a little cosy, he tells her he has herpes. Great. Then there was the guy who happen to not mention that he has a child on his RSVP profile. It wouldn't have mattered to Pt but she thought he was being dishonest.

I'll be seeing Pt this Sunday. She's coming to town for yet another date. I'm keen to see how this one will pan out.


Martin said...

I can't see anything that either of those men did that was actually inappropriate. That's my two cents.

Andrew said...

That the guy told her he has herpes is to his credit I suppose.

Martin said...

All it says to me is that he's not a virgin and was infectious at that time - that's the nature of herpes. Perhaps she only wants to be with a virgin?

Adaptive Radiation said...

She was keen to give him a go regardless and actually got straight onto the phone afterwards with her GPin Mexico (!!) to learn more about the disease and what the implications might be. But, alas, the guy broke it off.

Martin said...

Well that's something she could possibly fault him for then.