Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday lunch

There nothing like a relaxing lunch at the end of a busy working week. My friend Ben is in town with his brother and dad for the rugby this evening. I suggested meeting them for lunch at the Meat and Wine Company at Southbank. The boys all went for the more modestly-sized lunch specials. I decided to order the portuguese grilled chicken. A whole chicken...for lunch. Delicious.

Over lunch, I found out that Ben will soon be heading overseas again for work. I'm not quite sure how he does it. He's spent the last decade or so working for multinationals across Asia. Long hours. High stress. Away from family and most of his friends. And yet he's managed to stay exactly the same today as the first day I met him all those years ago back at uni...a little bit goofy and extremely well grounded. Maybe it's his upbringing. Both his brother and his dad are also very nice people (and I'd imagine mum would be the same). Ben reckons this new job should be a bit better than his last. He'll be working for a European bank this time round. He reckons the culture should be a bit more laid bank compared to the American company he was working for the last time round. I wished him well.

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