Sunday, March 6, 2011


I caught up with my friend Kathy mid week. She was down from Canberra for a conference. She asked me about my friends Steve and Karnwal. I told her I hadn't seem them since their wedding about a year ago - a fantastic indian ceremony for Karnwal's side of the family followed by a civil ceremony in the lawns of the old Parliament House. Kathy recounted a chance meeting with Steve and Karnwal, several years ago, when she randomly bumped into them inside a cable car in Rio. What are the odds? A world of 7 billion, the same far-flung city, the same tourist attraction, the same day, the same cable car. Kathy mentions that she never bumps into Steve in Canberra. The conversation with Kathy reminded me that I really needed to get in touch with Steve and Karnwal again. It had been way too long. So here comes another bit of coincidence. The very next morning, completely out of the blue, Steve gives me a call. "I'm in town mate for work. Wanna catch up?". The last time Steve was in Melbourne was in 2007.


Victor said...

Life can be wonderful at times.

TIm said...

Hahah. that was pretty awesome. serendipity at work!

Adaptive Radiation said...

Wonderful and serendipitous all at the same time. I bumped into my ex housemate in Helsinki last year under a similar set of circumstances the day before I was due to fly home to Australia. Happened to be walking out the front of a shopping centre on my way to another friend's house.