Friday, December 11, 2015


I'm in Berlin for a few days of R&R before my trip back to Oz. I had a busy (and fun) first full day in this most beautiful of capital cities.

It began with a trip to the moving Jewish Museum.

Then, a brief stop over at the contemporary art museum, which had very interesting architecture.
Next, my friend Brigitte took me to a Christmas market. No sooner had we walked through the gates, we were sitting down to a delicious lunch of roast goose (this time washed down with some non-alcholic kinderpunsch). My companion had a more grown up drink (a dark ale). I have eaten so much goose on this trip. It's a very German thing to do at this time of the year.

After a quick wander around the market, we were off to this amazing Department store which has the largest deli section in the world. I couldn't believe the sorts of stuff you could get here, from emu eggs to giant grouper fish. Here are some of the more conventional food items...

Dinner in the hotel room was a roasted pickled pork knuckle accompanied by cherry juice (both picked up from a local supermarket). I only managed to finish half of the pork knuckle (rest will be devoured this morning for breakfast). After dinner we went to see a German performance of La Cage aux Folles.


Victor said...

None of that Australian Masterchef style plating of food for the practical Germans. Just good old heaps of food. If you like huge schnitzels you can try Una's Restaurant the next time you are in Sydney.

Adaptive Radiation said...

That's right Victor. Heaps of salty, meaty foods. Didn't think I'd be saying this but I'm looking forward to eating something green when I get back to Australia.