Sunday, December 24, 2017

London zoo

Misha the aardvark and several meerkats perished in a fire at the London Zoo.

Already, I am reading in the news that some animal rights groups are using the fire to highlight animal suffering in zoos. It's a vexed issue.

Animal welfare is certainly important. But zoos are important too and play a critical role in educating the public, raising awareness of wildlife conservation and, in many cases, are directly involved in research and captive breeding of rare and endangered species. And I know from my own experiences that the welfare of the captive animals and the research carried out on animals in zoos (like research carried out everywhere else) are tightly regulated.

I still remember visiting the Singapore zoo as a kid, which no doubt played a key role in shaping my love of animals and career path as a zoologist. No doubt there are many people like me who have been inspired to go down a similar career path and are now involved in wildlife conservation as a direct result of those first encounters at the zoo.



Andrew said...

Whatever one's views, it is horrible news.

Victor said...

Animals also die from fires in the wild I assume although I guess that in the wild they have a chance to evade the danger. It is a horrible thought, isn't it.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Yes, it's very sad. Impressive that the zoo was able to open the day after the fire though.