Friday, December 8, 2017

More science please

I was at home watching ABC News this morning and I see they have a very good looking and charismatic weather presenter.
Of course, I had to do some further research.

His name is Nate Byrne and he is a meteorologist, science communicator, oceanographer and a former lieutenant of the Royal Australian Navy. Can he be any more perfect?


Andrew said...

Thanks for drawing my attention to him. Brains are a bonus.

Andrew said...

Hmm, no Insta photo of him with wife and children, but there is one of him with the arm of Anthony Callea draped over his shoulder.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Oh Andrew...I'm sure lots of straight men like Anthony Callea too.

Andrew said...

Anthony is the kind of guy straight guys would like to cuddle and smooch. I am reminded of my ex sis in law asking me at the height of Anthony's fame, do you think he is gay. Oh yes, I replied. It was quite a few years ago now, and Anthony was just that too bit perfect to be straight. But now, straight guys have caught up in the grooming department (and left me for dead) and my instinct is failing.

Don't laugh, but I just emailed the Insta link to R who knows who Nate is from tv. Yes, of course he is gay, R said.

Adaptive Radiation said...

R has good gaydar.

Just had lunch with a bunch of gay guys. Coincidentally, one of them asked the group who was our favourite weather presenter. It was unanimous. Nate Byrne. The ABC seems to have made a very popular appointment!