Saturday, October 6, 2012

totally wimpy

I stayed up specifically to watch the Japanese version of the horror flick The Ring last night. Twenty minutes before it was due to finish, I switched off the TV. I was too scared to watch the end.


Victor said...

Doomed, I say, Doomed!

sandra e thompson said...

The original Japanese version is the best. Have you seen the Japanese horror,'Dark Water'? Caught the American remake last weekend and kept thinking I'd seen a similar Japanese film. Do think that the American remakes on both of these films are quite credible.
Also a huge fan of all the Hayao Miyazaki anime.

Adaptive Radiation said...

No, I've only seen the American version. I need to hunt down the japanese originals. I recently saw the Daniel Radcliffe horror film, The Woman in Black, on the airplane. It has very japanese sensibilities about it.