Sunday, March 24, 2013

The perfect sunday

I've had the best day today (well, the best kinda day that a plant-obsessive, gluttonous art collector can possibly have).

I started the day by taking Truffles out for a morning walk (getting a dog has been a great incentive to do more exercise...especially when Nathan is not in town to take the dog for a walk).

I then headed off to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, where I got to see (but resisted the temptation of buying) heaps of really cool orchids, fern, bromeliads and carnivorous plants.

On my way back into the city, I decided to drop into one of my favourite places, The Grand BBQ, for lunch.

And now I'm sitting at home monitoring an art auction online and eating gnocchi. I'm not normally a gnocchi fan but I guess it's one of those days where even gnocchi tastes good!    

Sunday, March 17, 2013

the (old) scruffy truffles

Truffles' terrible trim

Nathan took Truffles for a hair cut on Friday. The dog groomers did a terrible job. Truffles ended up looking like she had been attacked by a whipper snipper. The hair cut was so terrible that when I got home, we had to use my hair clippers to give her another cut. She now looks naked. I want my scruffy little bitch back.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

long time between posts

Wow...I was surprised to see how long ago I had last posted something on my blog. I guess I've been busy with life and neglecting to write about it. Let's see...where to begin? Maybe the negatives first. The dog ate a hole in wall. Yep. It happened two mondays ago. I was working from home and I heard 'cruch crunch' noises from the wall behind the stairs. And sure enough, Truffles has gouged a hole in the wall and actually ate the plaster (she won't eat the dog biscuits but evidently she likes plaster). Aside from the hole in the wall, the only other negative in the past few weeks has been the weather. My aircon at work is broken so it feels like a sauna in my office (minus the naked bodies). Ok...that's it for the negatives.

Now, the positives. My folks have been in town, which means a lot of excessive (food) consumption. Over the past weekend I have been wallowing in excessive feast, gorging on roast duck, mud crab with ginger and shallot, and yummy steamed fish (among other things). I am also looking forward to the opening of the new hang of indigenous art at the National Gallery of Victoria. The last exhibition had been on for almost two years so it will be nice to see some new stuff (I have been attempting sneak previews by going up to the first floor and looking down over the balconies onto the indigenous galleries but there is only so much I can see).