Sunday, February 24, 2013

flowers (still) in the loft

These pineapple lillies sure have staying power. They are the same bunch I blogged about several weeks ago and they are still looking fresh (albeit a bit greener in colour than when I first bought them). Great value for money.

New acquisition

Nathan and I bought this little side table yesterday. Still haven't decided what to put on top of it yet so Wal and Norm (my bird sculptures from Central Australia) are having a go at perching on it.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dinner tonight is...

...Thai green curry crab.

I was at the Queen Vic Markets and couldn't resist getting some blue swimmer crabs for tonight.  Can't wait to tuck into them. Yum, yum.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

art well hung

The Leopold museum in Vienna recently held an after hours showing of their exhibition 'Nude men from 1800 to Today', where visitors were allowed to tour the exhibition naked. I wonder if similar showings would do well at the NGV? Perhaps at the nest 'winter masterpiece'?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The joys of pet ownership

Nathan had been away in Perth. And I had been left in charge of the dog for the week. Total disaster. The dog had an upset tummy and left a mess on the balcony. She also had dingleberries. Yesterday I decided to clean up the balcony...which involved a pair of latex gloves, reams of paper towel, two garbage bags and several kinds of cleaning products. It was not a pleasant experience. I had intended to leave the dingleberries for Nathan to take care of but they were starting to gross me out so I decided to give the dog a bath.  I donned the latex gloves and carted the dog off to the laundry sink. She was not very cooperative. I ended up washing her under the shower instead.  I ended up wetter than the pooch. Oh well, at least she smells nice again and the balcony looks presentable.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy year of the snake

Nathan and I are back in Canberra celebrating chinese new year. As is typical of any trip back to Canberra, the menu for the entire duration of our stay has been meticulously planned out by my parents. And because this is chinese new year, the meals have to be even more spectacular and elaborate than usual. So far, we have been treated to a gluttonous feast of (among other things) braised whole duck stuffed with eight treasures (I could only count 5 but have been assured there are, indeed, 8); lobster with ginger and shallot; a raw salmon salad which we have to toss around with our chopsticks for luck (don't ask me why); another salad that would sit comfortably in any episode of fear factor (picture a plate of jellyfish, chicken feet, century egg); and dumplings (some of which have had coins or dried dates hidden within to symbolize wealth or luck for anyone fortunate enough to get them, which inevitably means over-eating in a quest to nab a wealthy/lucky dumpling).