Sunday, February 17, 2013

The joys of pet ownership

Nathan had been away in Perth. And I had been left in charge of the dog for the week. Total disaster. The dog had an upset tummy and left a mess on the balcony. She also had dingleberries. Yesterday I decided to clean up the balcony...which involved a pair of latex gloves, reams of paper towel, two garbage bags and several kinds of cleaning products. It was not a pleasant experience. I had intended to leave the dingleberries for Nathan to take care of but they were starting to gross me out so I decided to give the dog a bath.  I donned the latex gloves and carted the dog off to the laundry sink. She was not very cooperative. I ended up washing her under the shower instead.  I ended up wetter than the pooch. Oh well, at least she smells nice again and the balcony looks presentable.

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