Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy year of the snake

Nathan and I are back in Canberra celebrating chinese new year. As is typical of any trip back to Canberra, the menu for the entire duration of our stay has been meticulously planned out by my parents. And because this is chinese new year, the meals have to be even more spectacular and elaborate than usual. So far, we have been treated to a gluttonous feast of (among other things) braised whole duck stuffed with eight treasures (I could only count 5 but have been assured there are, indeed, 8); lobster with ginger and shallot; a raw salmon salad which we have to toss around with our chopsticks for luck (don't ask me why); another salad that would sit comfortably in any episode of fear factor (picture a plate of jellyfish, chicken feet, century egg); and dumplings (some of which have had coins or dried dates hidden within to symbolize wealth or luck for anyone fortunate enough to get them, which inevitably means over-eating in a quest to nab a wealthy/lucky dumpling).

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