Monday, August 4, 2008

Shopping and Shakespear

Didn't get out of bed until 9am on Saturday. 9 am! That's a sleep in for me. Nate had already left for work so, after doing some laundry, I headed into the city to carry out the last of my shopping for my trip to the US. I had a mental list of things that I wanted to buy. First up, I needed to get a scarf for a friend. I decided to go to Country Road. Unfortunately they were sold out for the season (though the crafty saleswoman did try to pass off a woman's scarf which, in her opinion, can also be worn by men). No thanks. I walked away with a baby's summer hat instead (not on the original list of gifts to buy but there was a baby I can give it to so no big deal. Next, I headed off to the ABC shop at the GPO and got a DVD on kangaroos. Cliched? Yes, but I'm sure the receipients would love it. Then to a book shop on Swanston where I picked up a piece of Australian fiction (The sound of One Hand Clapping) for my ex-housemate/land lady and a couple of classic Aussie children's books. Finally, I headed to Gertrude Street to buy a funky piece of jewellry for my friend Heidi and then back to veg out.

Later in the arvo, I went off to the hospital to visit a friend, have dinner with Nate and wait for him to close up shop so we could head back into the city for Macbeth. It was a reasonablyy low budget production. The sets were rather minimalist and the costumes were less Shakespearean and more Salvation Army op shop. But it's been ages since I've actually seen any kind of play so it was a nice (ie different) way to spend the last Sat night before the US trip.

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