Monday, September 22, 2008

Shopping, babies and hang overs

Took a train ride on Saturday morning with Nate to Yarraville for a walk. Nice little village with some good cafes near the train station. Had a blue berry muffin (my favourite) and then caught the train back into the city, where we caught up with a friend of mine who had just arrived from Europe (and will be based here in Melbourne for at least the next two years). Having lived out of a suitcase for the last 15 months, T had travelled light and desperately needed some new clothes. Mind you, I've never seen him wearing anything other than black jeans and black shirts which made for a very easy shopping experience (though we did convince him to branch out and buy a grey shirt too).

Went to visit some other friends in Northcote in the afternoon to check out their new baby. I also promised them some fish for their pond (see last post). So...armed with gift for baby and a bag of live fish, I journey by tram to Woz's place and spent the afternoon sipping tea and pulling funny faces at the baby who seemed rather perplexed by my shaved head. Meanwhile, Nate trudged off to a birthday party where he proceeded to party just a little bit too hard...He suffered a massive hang over the next day and had to go to work. I was not very sympathetic....I spent a relaxing day doing domestic chores around the house and then headed off to Prahran in the arvo where I sampled THE best smoothie

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