Saturday, March 21, 2009

Car park dilemma

I own a car space in the apartment where I live. In the last couple of weeks, an inconsiderate pleb has been repeatedly parking his/her car in my spot. At first, I thought it was legitimate mistake and left a polite note asking the owner to remove their vehicle. A few days later, they did it again. Once more, I left them a polite note (discretely replacing mine with the more terse one that Nathan had earlier left on their windshield). Late last week I discovered the same car parked in my space for the third time. This made me angry (very, very angry). Hypothetically speaking, if one should find themselves in such a predicament, is it excusable to do one (or more) of the following?

(A) scratch the car up (just a little)
(B) let out some air from the back tyres
(C) stick a potato in the exhaust pipe
(D) pour fish sauce in the air intake


K said...

I had the exact same problem you described with my new apartment a couple of weeks ago. What fixed it for me was that I printed out an "official" looking sign stating that this space is reserved for (my car's number plate) and stuck it against the wall. (You can add warning like offending vehicle will be towed away, etc if you want)

I also took some photographs of the offending vehicle (with number plate clearly visible) so should that person doesn't take the hint, I was prepared to go to the building manager / owner's corporate.

But if I really have to choose, I will choose (D) LOL

Adaptive Radiation said...

Thanks for the tips...I'd leave it to your imagination as to which of the action(s) I took.