Sunday, March 29, 2009

A day at the beach

Nate and I met up with some friends today at the beach. We had scheduled to meet them in the morning. This was a mistake given our late night out the previous evening. We had to take a detour when the friend we were meeting left his wallet at work. We ended up meeting him near his place so that I could give him some money to get the train out to Mentone.

By the time we reached Mentone, Nate and I were like walking zombies. A greazy breakfast at the 'Charisma cafe' near the train station provided a temporary respite before we made our way by footfrom the train station, along Beach Road, and then (finally) to flat rock point. It took a while to hook up with our other friends. They were lying on some other beach a few kilometers up from where we were but it took us a good 10 minutes to realise that we were not at the same location.

Me: Where near the surf club now. Where are you guys?
Andreas: We are near the surf club.
Me: But I can't see you guys. Wait. What colour is your surf club?
Andreas: Red and blue.
Me: Shit. Ours is blue and yellow.

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Victor said...

...and just at the moment you hoped like crazy that one of you was colour blind...