Monday, June 1, 2009

The odd one out

Was heading into work later than usual this morning because I had to wait around for the electrician to fix the bathroom light switch (which was making disconcerting zapping noises). When the train got to Flinders Street I noticed a young man in the next carriage wearing a surgical face mask. I surmised that he must be wearing the mask to avoid catching swine flu. This was the first time I had seen anyone wearing a face mask outside of a hospital or a dental clinic and he looked a bit strange doing so. I guess he must have felt quite self conscious about it. A few stops later, the young man had taken off the mask.

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K said...

Hopefully, it won't develop any further as it was quite depressing at the height of SARS in HK... I've seen pictures from my relatives where everyone had a mask on all the time.