Monday, June 22, 2009

The visual diary that never was

Was inspired by Evolkween's visual diary and wanted to compile one of my own. Unfortunately, I left my camera in the office over the weekend. So here is the story of my weekend told using other people's pictures.

8am: Relaxing with chinese tea freshly made using my bodum teapot.

11am: Lunch at the Grand BBQ in the Target Centre in the city

12pm: Wandering around Gertrude and Smiths Streets with Nathan, checking out galleries, clothes shops and cafes.

2pm: Carrying this back on tram.

6pm: home-made dinner of garlic prawns and rice

10am: Brekky - cheese plate

11am: Sifting through other people's junk at the Camberwell flea markets

2pm: Scoffing down the best sticky date pudding I've ever eaten (at Globe cafe on Chapel Street)

4pm: Checking out the make-shift Florence Broadhurst shop at Docklands

6pm: Eating lamb stew with mashed potato


Evol Kween said...

Yay for VDs! (Visual Diaries that is)

Victor said...

I haven't had garlic prawns in a long time. Is that your work in the photo? They look delicious.

Adaptive Radiation said...

EK: Yay indeed. I just need to bring a camera next time.

Victor: Nope, stole the image off the web. Mine didn't look too bad though.

C said...

haha, grand bbq, i so ate there after u told me about it.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Hey Steve - Didn't realize you read my blog! Hope the prison guard job is going well.