Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Christmas in July

Everybody seems to be doing it now...Christmas in July. I decided to hop on the bandwagon and bought a turkey yesterday. It was a last minute decision when I was sitting on the train on the way back into the city after work ("Hmmm...I think I will roast a turkey for dinner"). This was at 7pm. So...instead of heading straight home, I took a detour to the local Safeway (where I last saw whole turkeys) and bought one on special (today would have been it's use by date). Ok. Back home, I realised that the turkey was going to take two hours to cook. Normally I am a bit of risk taker when it comes to the consumption of poultry but the imminent use-by date on the packaging suggested I should actually take heed of the cooking instructions and cook the hell out of the beast (just in case). I am a terribly impatient cook so while I was waiting for the oven to do its thing, I ended up eating all the side dishes (i.e. vegetables). Eventually, at 9.30pm, I sliced myself a generous portion (it was only a baby turkey) and celebrated Christmas in July while Nate was still at work.


Evol Kween said...

Hahaha, I love that you ate the side dishes while waiting. I would have drunk a few glasses of wine!

Victor said...

A lot of my friends turkey too dry but I like eating it.

You were brave (or foolhardy?) deciding to cook a turkey on the spur of the moment considering it takes so long to cook fully.

Adaptive Radiation said...

EK: Unfortunately I don't drink so had to settle for the side dishes.

Victor: Foolhardy for sure. Luckily the turkey cooked through and I didn't suffer any nasty after effects.