Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pho, bimbo and the iraqi

Went to Footscray yesterday morning with Nate to meet a couple of friends. Just three gays and a lesbian out for brunch. One of the friends (here after referred to as 'goldfish guy) arrived at the meeting place carrying a bag of goldfish which we named once we got to the restaurant...Trinny, Suzanna, Steve and Michael Jackson (the one with the white face).

Anyhoo...brunch in Footscray was, of course, pho (vietnamese noodle soup). Nate was most disappointed. Only a week earlier, he had vowed never to eat vietnamese food again (he is definitely not a fan). Fortunately, it was out of my hands because the friends had decided the venue well in advance. So...I ordered a large bowl of special beef combination pho (which, in hindsight, was a tad ambitious), while Nate settled for spring rolls with vermicelli.

After some yummy fresh-out-of-the-oven custard tarts from a nearby bakery and a convoluted trip in search of coffee (we ended up in a huge mall), we got caught up in footy traffic heading back into the city. We abandoned Nathan somewhere on Swan street (he had to go to work) and decided to take a few back roads to get away from all the cars. We made a detour to the goldfish guy's house so he could drop off one of his fish (the other three were apparently destined for a newly constructed pond) before making our way to Brunswick street to meet a friend of the lesbian at Bimbo.

Bimbo...the bar with the giant cupie doll perched on the facade of the building. I know the bar is a bit of an institution, but oh what a dump. It smelt like BO and the interior reminded me of that psychopath's house in Silence of the Lambs (the only thing missing were the moths). The company was most interesting though. The lesbian friend's friend is an Iraqi Assyrian orthodox christian. He is a very handsome guy with a very international look (he could easily pass himself off as south american, continental european, indian or even aboriginal). Most fascinating of all (to me, at least)...he has a pet scorpion.

After drinkies, we dropped goldfish guy at the train station (with his three remaining goldfish) and, somehow, the rest of us (lesbian, iraqi and me) ended up back in Footscray for dinner before coming back to my apt for tea. Definitely NOT a conventional Saturday for me.

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