Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blog reflections

I stumbled across a blog today written by someone on the otherside of the world, a faceless person who, like some many other bloggers, writes about her life and vents about the things that frustrate her. As I was reading the blog, it soon became apparent that I knew a lot more about her than what the blogger had intended the rest of the world to know. The boss she is bitching about is someone I have met. The friends I know probably know her too. Despite being in the public domain, I do not intend to tell these mutual acquaintances. Somehow I feel that it would be a betrayal of privacy.


Victor said...

One of the dangers, I suppose, of writing negative posts about individuals is making yourself indentifiable to readers.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Yes...I think I gave the blogger a mild heart attack. I sinced realised (after reading some of her posts) that she knows one of my friends, P. It was nice to see all the kind things she wrote about him.