Monday, September 14, 2009

Worst brunch ever

Caught up with a friend for brunch on Sunday. We ended up walking over to Waterfront City at the northern end of the Docklands to an italian place. Given that I had another lunch gathering at 1.30pm, I decided to be a lesser pig than usual and settled on the banana porridge (instead of my usual greasy fry up). Big mistake. I've never ordered porridge at a restaurant before but I had expected it to be rich and creamy and gooey and delicious. The porridge I ended up getting was none of these things. It was dry, and coarse and sickly sweet (much like some people I know). It looked like it would be better utilised as a facial mask than something you should attempt to swallow for nutritional gain. Next time, I'm going to stick with the greasier breakfast options.


Evol Kween said...

Wow! Choosing porridge as the 'lighter' option??? I eat porridge when I want to be full up.

The Mutant said...

Ha, that'll teach ya. No good can come of anything that isn't deep fried!

Victor said...

I know that porridge is supposed to be healthy for you but I have never taken to it as a meal.

Glue for cutting and pasting purposes, yes. A meal? No.