Saturday, October 17, 2009


Nate and I took a couple of days off work and headed up to Daylesford with some interstate friends. We stayed at a lovely B&B owned by a couple who decided on a seachange and had purchased the building on a whim after falling in love withit during a weekend visit nine years earlier. The building has since been lovingly restored. By far the highlight was the fireplace in the reading room which was a welcomed retreat after a wet and cold drive up from Melbourne. During a brief break in the weather, we decided to leave the warmth of the reading room and ventured outside for a stroll around the main streets. Among the purchases during our foray into town was a gollywog from an antique store (whom we later decided to name "Bob"). In the evening, we took a short drive to the Lakehouse, a restaurant that was highly recommended by colleagues back in Melbourne. We were not disappointed. The food was amazing.

The next day, we went for a stroll up to the Botanic Gardens and then took a drive to nearby Hepburn Springs. A brief visit to the Convant gallery was followed by a drive up to Castlemaine for lunch, afternoon tea in Bendigo and an evening stroll on Mount Macedon before getting back into Melbourne in time for dinner last night at my favourite restaurant, The Waterfront (try the snapper is absolutely amazing).

Chasing reptiles in Sydney over the next few days around Newtown for work. Should be fun!


Victor said...

Sydney cinemas are screening peculiar advertisements for Daylesford.

My visitor from Ballina saw one for the first time last week and had no idea what was being advertised.

Adaptive Radiation said...

I saw the ads too...they are a bit too artsy and conceptual.

By the way...had a fun day catching lizards near your neck of the woods...the cemetery at Newtown off King Street.