Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Parma at the pub

Caught up with some friends for dinner last night. Met up at Dave's place in West Brunswick and headed to his local, The Union Hotel. The food there was excellent. As usual, I opted for a parma which turned out to be a great choice.

Afterwards, we went back to Dave's apartment and hung out with a very nice Spanish couple who were staying with him for a couple of days. Dave has a great social consience and has been hosting travellers for quite a while now as part of a programme called couch surfing where people offer their couches (or in Dave's case, his spare bedroom) to travellers. It's quite a nice concept and, as a bonus, Dave gets to meet lots of interesting people.

Am going back to Canberra for Christmas today. No doubt, I will be wallowing in excessive feast for the next week.


Cazzie!!! said...

How cool is that! We host backpackers... well, they also do a little around the house and so we are all even and we get to meet some cool people and learn about different cultures and to accept and respect them also :)

Victor said...

I take it that a Parma is a veal (or chicken?) parmigiana. That is a favourite meal of mine too.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Victor - yet to try a veal parmagiana. The chicken variety seems more popular in Victoria but you are correct.