Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I have gout

How ironic. All this year, I have been working to lower my cholesterol and improve my health. I've watched my diet and, in the process, even managed to lose some weight. And just when the doctor gave me a clean bill of health (yep, cholesterol levels are all back to normal), I started getting a pain in my left foot that dad reckons is gout. I also noticed that I have two white hairs on my chin. I think I am aging.


Anonymous said...

Gout used to be a rich man's disease. Odd to get it after improving your diet.

Victor said...

Sorry to tell it to you straight but you are ageing...every day.


Ann ODyne said...

when one really needs their expertise, one finds that the quack is only good for splints and sutures.

commiseration, empathy and sympathy from me.