Sunday, December 19, 2010

Meat raffle

I'm back in Canberra for the week visiting my folks. I've left poor Nathan behind (he's decided that he'll work through Christmas this year to earn some extra pocket money).

After the debacle flying with Tiger Airways the last time I visited Canberra, I thought I'd play it safe(r) and flew Qantas using my frequent flyer points. The flight was on a Dash-8 (i.e. little propellar plane), which I don't mind since there seems to be a little more leg room than on a boeing or an airbus. It was a pretty bumpy flight though, rough weather pretty much along the entire length of south-eastern Australia.

My youngest sis met me at the airport and drove us to lunch in the city. My parents have become quite obsessed with the senior's lunch and meat raffle at the Labour club in civic (one of the perks of getting old I guess). By the time we arrived, the food was already on the table (grilled barramundi with chips and salad). Ten minutes later, dad had all the free raffle tix lined up on the table (his, mum's and grandma's). An hour later, we left with a christmas ham AND a meat tray (dad is trying to figure out what asian twist he might be able to put on the corned beef).


Single Guy said...

happy holidays. Enjoy Canberra. I went to BU!

Adaptive Radiation said...

Aha! Small world.

Victor said...

We seniors are obssessed by seniors' perks.