Friday, April 8, 2011

Toilet stop

I had, um...make a toilet stop on my way to work yesterday. I got off the train at Flinders Street station and headed straight across the road to Federation Square and the Ian Potter Centre. It was a little bit of a detour but there was no way in hell I'd go to the Flinders Street station toilets – no matter how urgent the call of nature.


Anonymous said...

It is a couple or a few years since I have used the Flinders Street Station toilets, but they were ok. Maybe they have deteriorated.

Ann ODyne said...

my friend and I would only ever use the Georges 'conveniences', and now that's over, we don't meet in town anymore, although I do know a couple of hotel foyers very well and can stride purposefully to theirs, looking like a guest.
Back in the 80's Graydon Carters SPY magazine published layouts of NYC hotel foyers for that exact purpose.
If you are a Melb Uni graduate you have reciprocal rights at the Yale and Princeton clubs in NYC which is handy to know, although a long trip for comfort.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Andrew: Even after the recent refurbishments, given the heavy traffic at the station, the toilets are pretty disgusting.

AO: I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks about such things. A book on the nice toilets of Melbourne could be a number one best seller.

Overseas is another story. As much as I can appreciate the toilets in plush hotels, I don't like toilet attendants.

Victor said...

I once stepped into an Oxford Street hotel to respond to an urgent need for relief and was stopped by the barman who told me I could only use the facility if I purchased a drink.

I was too much in need to argue the legalities with him so ordered a Lemon Squash and then rushed on to 'do the business' before returning to drink my unwanted squash after which I had to 'do the business' again!