Thursday, August 11, 2011

National costume wtf?

Sadly, this is NOT a costume for next year's mardi gras. Nope. This is actually the outfit that is suppose to represent our national costume for the Miss Universe pagent. Isn't it hideous (the dress, not the girl)?
The bra looks like it has been constructed from several yellow jockstraps and the dress seems to be made from a bunch of over-stetched used condoms/balloons/granny undies.


Andrew said...

Just for a tiny moment, I thought it was going to be the costume for Australian competitors at next year's Olympics in London.

Victor said...

I suspect it used to be a curtain at Les Girls in Sydney's Kings Cross.

Ann ODyne said...

it is so bad that it transcends horror and goes on to greatness, and AR darling? your description actually illustrates why it really does represent The Australian Way Of Life.
sport and rooting around.

Andrew? next years' london Olympics have been burned and looted. there is a god.