Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blogger catch up

A definite highlight of my day off yesterday was catching with fellow bloggers Victor and Evol Kween for lunch.

Victor and I had previously discussed meeting up for pho in Sydney but seeing as he was in town, we decided to go for pho here instead.

I had a restaurant in mind but as is typical with my bad sense of direction, it not where I had thought it was. Fortunately EK had a better sense of direction, knew exactly which restaurant I was trying to find, and got us there.

I must say that it was terrific to finally catch up and meet people whose blogs I had been following for years. Importantly, they were both super nice and the conversation flowed was like catching up with old friends.

Sadly, EK had to get back to work, but Victor and I ended up extending our catch up a bit longer over scones at the NGV. We said goodbye 4 hours later.

Am already looking forward to the next outing...


Victor said...

As I said to you in person it was lovely to catch up with you. Thanks for your kind words which I reciprocate in relation to yourself (and Evol).

Evol Kween said...

It was great to meet you finally as well, great company and great Pho! We'll have to catch up for a drinksometime when I don't have to get back to work!

Adaptive Radiation said...

Victor: Pho in Sydney next time ;-)
EK: Another catch up in the future is a definite.