Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Melbourne vs Canberra

I've had a string of visitors visiting me over the past two months. When it comes to overseas guests, I always feel very strongly about giving them a positive impression of the city where I grew up (Canberra) and the city I now call home (Melbourne). I guess it's because I'm emotionally attached to both cities. However, I've noticed that it is a lot easier to convince people about the virtues of Melbourne than it is of Canberra. Why do people dislike Canberra so? I've heard people describe it as sterile. What does that mean though?


Andrew said...

It lacks character, although I haven't been there since the early eighties. I will see it again. There are things worthy of being seen there but they are inclined to be indoors.

Victor said...

I haven't lived in Canberra since 1987 but my memories remain of a meticulously laid out city akin to dentist's instruments on their work tray, a home for Stepford Wives or a creation of George Orwell.

I suppose it is the controlled nature of it's creation and development that makes the place seem like a science experiment.

FletcherBeaver said...

I haven't been there in 30 years (wow, that makes it sound a long time ago, doesn't it) but I remember circular roads that seemed to go know where in particular, modern buildings which were beginning to be dated with no character, and shop assistance who walked out of the department store right on 5.30. It was grey and concrete and uninteresting and too flat other than that one look out, what was it called, Black Hill? Even Lake Burley Griffin seemed lake a flat puddle

Mann said...

Well, sterile in the sense that nothing happens there. It's all parks and overly polite people whom are probably public servants.

^ I don't agree with this and think the world is what you make it.

Our firm has been thinking about opening an office in Canberra and soon as this is a go, I'm definitely putting my hand up to move from Sydney. I just think the lifestyle there is more laid back and my sort of rhythm.

I guess it depends on what you're looking for.