Friday, January 6, 2012


The never-ending barrage of weddings continues for me. Nathan and I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Sydney to attend a wedding last night here. The groom is a surgeon and we were seated at a table with a couple of doctors (among others).

Somehow the topic of greco-roman wrestling came up. One of the doctors, a very nice Canadian guy, started telling us about his days on the school wrestling team and his deflating experiences of wearing tight-fitting outfits and being tossed into the air in front of the girl he was trying to impress.

It turned out that the other doctor at our table, a Finn, had also been a wrestler. We thought the Finn's experiences would be very similar to that of the Canadian. We were wrong. The Finn actually competed at World Championships and represented Finland at two Olympic Games! The contrast in skill and achievement made us all laugh.

Postscript: I just found a youtube video of the doctor in action. OMG.


Victor said...

I have never heard of Tumbling Waters. It looks nice.

School boy (college) wrestling seems a big activity in North America. I never encountered it in Australia.

Public video sites have many clips of these schoolboy wrestlers most of them providing surreptitious peeks at the competitors' ...ahem... equipment. I was wondering whether your 'OMG' at the Finn's wrestling was a statement of equipment envy?

Adaptive Radiation said...

The image was a bit too grainy for that. I was more blown away by the guy's physique.