Monday, February 27, 2012

keeping cool

The air conditioning unit decided to pack it in at the most inconvenient of times – i.e. this weekend. Nathan cooled off by making a v-line straight to the country and the comfort of his mum's place (which has air conditioning). I stupidly decided to stay in Melbourne (being the last weekend before the trip). By saturday arvo, the heat had become too unbearable (and one can only loiter at the NGV until 5pm). So... I decided to turn to Metro. Yes, I actually went to Flinders Street, found myself a train, and went for a ride for the hell of it. I caught the train to Sandringham and enjoyed the cooler temps afforded by the train carriage for 1.5 hours before having to make my way back to the apartment where I sweltered for the rest of the night. Oh well, at least I had a brief respite from the heat.

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Victor said...

Your trains must be better air-conditioned than are ours. Sydney trains might feel cool to start off with but would soon lose that edge.