Sunday, July 29, 2012

sink fixed...I hope

The builder and plumber came in and fixed the sink on Friday. Yay! Apparently the original plumbing work was mega dodgy...there was a bloody hole in the pipe. No wonder water was gushing out and rotting the skirting boards. The plumber had to cut out the old pipe and install a new one. The smell that came out of the plumbing system was pretty nasty. The plumber reckons it's the worst he has ever smelt. Both he and the builder were speculating as to what the smell could be. "At least you know that shit smells like shit", the builder said.

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Victor said...

My building's electrical wiring was completely redone a few years back and the experts reckon they could tell the learning curve the original workers went through from the way the standard of the original wiring developed from floor to floor.