Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back in Copenhagen

The conference ended today so my Finnish friend and I caught the train to Copenhagen. The trains connecting Sweden and Denmark are very confusing...there are special carriages for people who don't want to talk, people who have prams, people on bikes, those with luggages, and those who are disabled. Do the wrong thing in the wrong carriage attracts wrath from the otherwise peaceful Scandinavian commuters (i made that mistake on my first train rip when I was chatting to an American in the no speaking carriage). We are staying in a hotel close to Chinatown that has no front desk. The way it works is that you get a text on the day you are due to arrive and are provided with a code that opens the front and room door. It's very impersonal but efficient. Not surprisingly, I was told it is a Finnish hotel chain (Finns seem to go out of their way to interact with people). Still no sign of Princess Mary but I did see some Arne Jacobsen swan chairs. Swoon. Oh, and apparently it is Copenhagen pride this week. What a coincidence.

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