Saturday, October 27, 2012

dress ups

Two weeks and two dress up parties. Last week was a halloween-themed party. The folks that hosted decked out their house with lots of cobwebs, fake blood and artificial body parts. Nathan wore a wig and a cape. I wore a henchman's outfit accompanied by a plastic axe. Last night's party had a 90s theme. I've decided that the 90s was a very nondescript decade. Most people dressed up as movie characters from the decade. Nathan went as Jim Carrey's character from The Mask. It was embarassing catching the taxi with him (bright yellow suit, painted green face). I went as a scientist from Jurassic Park (with a canister containing a dinosaur 'embryo'). There was 90s music playing all night, with the video clips projected onto a big screen. There's something rather formulaic about a 90s video clip...half naked back up dancers, skimpy outfits, random words flashing, block colours, and an obligatory rapper. Cheesy but fun.


Victor said...

Oh dear, I avoid fancy dress parties like the plague although 80s themed parties should be a cinch given that most of my current clothing dates from that period.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Some people really seem to make the effort and go to elaborate lengths. I try to piece together stuff from my wardrobe ;-)