Tuesday, October 2, 2012

waste of money

This map shows the three stops that a trial ferry will be making as it moves around the Docklands.
What an absolute waste of money. Those stops are already easily accessible by catching the 48, 70 or city circle trams. In fact, the two furthest stops are just a short 15-20 minute walk apart. My dad will love it though because it is free.


Anonymous said...

Why not to Federation Wharf? Because it will kill the private river cruise boat operations. I am surprised that Doyle has stooped to such a cheap stunt.

Victor said...

I don't know the detail of what this is about but I assume it is a strategy to entice more people to the area rather than a measure to alleviate crowded transport.

We in Sydney are obsessed by water connections. Anything that gets you on or near the water is prized.