Friday, November 16, 2012

visit to the vet

We took Truffles to the vet today. Nathan and I were hoping to go to the clinic of our favourite vet blogger, Dr Nic, but unfortunately the lack of a car meant that we had to search for a clinic closer to home. The good news is that we managed to find a vet within walking distance. And he seems very passionate about animals. In fact, he spent the first minute with his face buried in Truffle's face, while Truffles vigorously licked the vet's nose and lips (As much as Nathan and I love Truffles, even we don't let Truffles lick us on the lips). We probably would have said something though if the vet proceeded to sniff Truffles' butt but fortunately he didn't. The vet was very good with the Truffles so we've decided to bring her back there for desexing in a few week's time.

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