Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter in the country

Nathan and I headed to Gippsland to spend some time with his family. We took the dog so she could run wild without risk of being hit by a car or a tram.

We headed off on Friday and decided it would be easier to take the commuter train to Pakenham and to ask Nathan's mum to pick us up and complete the rest of the journey by car (instead of taking the vline, which has stricter pet transport regulations). Anyhow, three metro trains later, we arrived in Pakenham. Nathan's mum was already waiting for us so we packed the bags, dog and easter eggs into the car and made our way to Warragul.

We spent Saturday at Yarragon, visiting with Nathan's dad. We went to the farm and let Truffles loose among the livestock (she successfully stared down a steer and then went chasing after the cows). Meanwhile, I raided the blackberry bushes and gorged on berries until my fingers were stained a deep purple.

We spent Easter Sunday at Nathan's sister's place. She made a fantastic roast lunch for us. We had planned to come back to Melbourne Sunday evening but had to spend an extra night because Nathan's mum had really bad back pain and we had to take her to hospital.

We arrived back to the city today. We (i.e. Nathan, me and the dog) are all exhausted. Truffles had a ball (she ate cat shit, chased mice, and generally ran around like a crazy bitch the entire weekend...and is now asleep on Nathan's pillow).

Luckily I get another day off tomorrow (a weird quirk of being an academic...we don't get the State holidays but we get an extra day over easter...go figure).

Oh...we are off to Sydney on Thursday (it was suppose to be for a wedding but Nathan got the dates wrong). Victor, I'll be in touch shortly for a possible catch up. 


Anonymous said...

Yarragon is a town I am very familiar with. It is now very arty, unlike when I lived in Gippsland. Nice to hear Truffles did what dogs do but I guess there weren't too many licks allowed afterwards.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Definitely avoided those licks as best I could!!