Saturday, April 6, 2013


This is going to be an extra-long post (which happens when one has not had access to internet for three days but has plenty of things to write about)....

Nathan and I have been in Sydney. We booked the flights a while ago believing that we had a wedding to attend on Friday. Unfortunately, we got the wedding date wrong. Oops. Oh well. We figured we might as well go to Sydney anyway, especially as the tickets were non-refundable (and I will miss the actual wedding because I'll be overseas for work).

We arrived in Sydney on Thursday morning, dropped off our bags at the hotel, and headed straight to the fish market for lunch (priorities). Normally, I'd make Nathan walk but because of the rain, we ended up catching the light rail from Darling Harbour. By the time we had finished lunch, the rain had eased enough for us to make a beeline back to The Star for Adriano Zumbo's macarons (the 'popcorn' flavoured ones were my favourite). Then, it was a matter of wandering around the city to kill time before dinner, which consisted of pork ribs at The Hurricane (you can see what the priorities of this Sydney visit were going to be).

On Friday, we spent the day exploring. First up, was congee in chinatown, followed by a ferry ride to Manly. When we got back to Circular Quay, we took the train and bus out to Bondi for a walk (and a late lunch at Ms Chu's). In the afternoon, Nathan and I headed off to the Art Gallery of NSW to check out a photography exhibition there. That night, we caught up with the friends who were getting married at some Belgian beer cafe which specialised in beer (good for Nathan) and mussels (good for me).

Today, we caught up with fellow blogger Victor for brunch. Victor and I first met when he visited Melbourne (quite a while now). I had such a good time meeting up with him then, I've been wanting to to meet up again ever since. Unfortunately, my visits up to Sydney are usually really rushed or family-oriented. This time, however, I texted Victor ahead of time to organise an outing.

We ended up going for brunch on Crown Street and had a really nice time. Nathan later remarked that he found Victor really interesting and could have spoken to him all day.

Nathan and I are now back in Melbourne. Next weekend, I'm off to Sweden for work. More from there in due course...


Andrew said...

So you did not starve while you were in Sydney. Victor is a good conversationalist.

Adaptive Radiation said...

We wallowed in excessive feast.

Victor said...

I think you have overstated my qualities but I did enjoy our extended brunch get together.

It was lovely to spend time with you again and also to meet Nathan for the first time.

(I suggest that the sub text of Andrew's comment is that I am a chatterbox.)

Andrew said...

Not at all Victor. I would have phrased it sarcastically if I thought that.