Sunday, May 12, 2013

beyond Melbourne

Early last week, I took my honours and PhD students to country Victoria for a work retreat. The students had a cook off, we sat around the fireplace in the huge house we rented, and generally had a good time.

Later in the week, I headed to Sydney for an invited seminar. After that, the postgrad students from Sydney Uni whisked me off to the the Central Coast for the weekend. We went on nice walks, had great food, and the students asked me for career advice.

Here is a picture of a friendly kookaburra who came to say 'hello' when we were having brekky (in truth, I think it was after my food).


Victor said...

Must be friendly Kookaburra season. I posted my photo of the Kookas on my balcony before catching up with your blog posting.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Perhaps only the kookas in NSW are like this.