Sunday, May 19, 2013

sunday animals and art

Nathan and I headed to the junk company today and I couldn't resist getting some of these cute lead toy animals.

After lunch, we headed off to the NGV. We started of at NGV Australia to check out the top arts exhibition.We then headed went to NGV International to check out the Dior & Yamamoto exhibition – and to eat scones. This is a new art installation in the foyer....mesmerising.


Andrew said...

The Junk Company link was greyed out, meaning I have looked at the site, and yes we have been there. Yours is the second blog to mention the floating things in the pond. I like the them and must see them.

FletcherBeaver said...

Maybe, I should check the junk company for a lead elephant. It has been a while since I have added an elephant to my collection of elephants. Or would that be my herd of elephants?

Victor said...

The floating piece looks good.