Wednesday, June 19, 2013

home alone

I've noticed every time I'm away, Nathan takes the opportunity to buy stuff and/or rearrange things in the apartment.

Here is a recent old sellotape container. He proudly showed it off today on skype.

Me: "What is that?"
Nathan: "It's a sellotape box"
Me: "Why is it on the table?"
Nathan: "I bought it from Lost and Found."
Me: "Does it have actual tape in it?"
Nathan: "No, it's just the tin."
Me (???): "Hmm...o.k.a.y."

To be fair, his purchases are generally small and inexpensive. He also tends to support tolerate the things I buy even if he finds them creepy (like the time I bought home a sculpture made out of animal bones covered in red velvet).

Me: "Look what I bought"
Nathan (looking at velvet-coloured bones and clearly hating it): "Ohhh...I like it."
Me (being really good at reading people's true emotions): "I can take it to the office and hang them there."
Nathan: "No, it's ok. Display them at home...just not in the bedroom."


FletcherBeaver said...

The green, the red and the blue are nice colours together

Victor said...

On its own the sellotape container might look strange there but with the double decker bus the display takes on a different tone.

Adaptive Radiation said...

I won't be showing either of your comments to Nathan. They will only serve as encouragement to redecorate everything in the house.