Sunday, July 14, 2013

sunday roast

I seem to be regressing with my jet lag....I actually slept in (and only woke up because the dog was licking my face).

I went to look for a gift for my friend who is visiting from Canberra. Awkwardly, I bumped into his ex (who is now also living in Melbourne). What are the odds? Such a coincidence.

After the catch up session with my friend on Sydney Road, I decided to drop into Woolworths in Brunswick to pick up some pork belly for a sunday evening roast. I had been inspired by the sight of roasted pork belly and perfect crackling on Master Chef earlier in the week. Alas, it seemed that everyone living in Brunswick had similarly been inspired and Woolworths was sold out of pork belly; so I got a pork leg instead.

I am now waiting for the roast to finish cook. So far, the crackling is looking really. I've now turned the heat right down so the skin doesn't burn. Wish me luck.

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