Sunday, August 18, 2013

Recent acquisitions

I've been doing quite a bit of shopping of late. Some notable highlight:

I saw this stuffed bird at the Chapel Street Bazaar a couple of weeks ago. It's suppose to be from the 1950s. It's a green-billed toucan. The red around the eye was originally painted blue but that was not the right colour for the species so I repainted it.

I bought this table lamp last week from Space Furniture on Church Street. Nathan picked it up from the warehouse on Friday. The light came in two boxes. I spent the evening putting it together by painstakingly clicking each sphere into place.

This sideboard is by British designer Richard Hornby. I came across it at the Smith Street Bazaar when I was in Fitzroy with my sister last Monday. Given the shortage of storage space in the apartment, I justified the purchase as a "need" rather than a "want" ;-)


Unknown said...

The sideboard is nice. I love the lamp, the bird not so much.

Adaptive Radiation said...

You and Nathan are in perfect agreement.

Victor said...

I had a very similar sideboard as a hand me down from my parents for about twenty years. It went as a donation to a welfare agency last year when I moved apartments.

I could have sold it to you for a motza!

Adaptive Radiation said...

Victor: You probably could have!