Thursday, September 26, 2013

collecting my award

I got a teaching award yesterday. It was nice to celebrate it with Nathan and my youngest sis, who flew down from Canberra as my 'interstate' guest. The awards ceremony was held at the museum in the afternoon. Unfortunately I had to give a lecture so I was a bit concerned I'd arrive late but the traffic Gods were kind yesterday and my European driver (who doesn't seem to speak english) was very efficient getting me there.

We stayed for canapes after the ceremony. I think there is definitely a strategy to attracting the attention of waiters that are bringing out food (and I don't mean standing outside the kitchen). We used eye contact and a friendly smile that said 'come dither with the food' (see example below):

Afterwards, we headed off to dinner at the delightful Commoner. The food there was amazing. We ordered several dishes to share (the eel special and the pumpkin are illustrated). All photos courtesy of my sis. 

Off to Canberra on the weekend. Looks like I just missed fellow blogger Andrew.


Anonymous said...

Well done you for the award.

No eel, thanks.

Btw, we are home now. Enjoy your homeland visit.

Adaptive Radiation said...

Thanks Andrew ;-)

Eel is definitely an acquired taste.